September 16th, 2012


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Пробую выиграть халявные билеты в розыгрыше авиаальянса. Кроме просто заполнения анкеты сочинил и влепил туда пиар-стих:
Annoying clouds flew away
and vanished into steam.
It is because you make your day
together with Sky Team.

Oh, chose way and chose flight,
and realize your dream –
and angels bring a light delight
together with Sky Team.

Your careful steward makes a wink:
- A fish? A meat? Ice-cream?
And – would you like to have a drink
together with Sky Team?

Sometimes you need a kind word
or just a sunny beam –
it means you need to come aboard
together with Sky Team!

А это уже не для авиакомпании, а чтобы не выбрасывать оставшиеся рифмы:
Some clouds have sails to float in sky,
an others have nothing but rain.
I don’t know why they are fond of to cry
and thunder again and again.

Робинзон Крузо


The waves lick a secret name

written with a stick on the island sand.

The season is over, and an end of game

is claimed with a seagull's band.


Robinson is alone again:

Friday is a clone and nothing more.

The season is over, the end of the game

is as before with a zero score.


Oh, Robbi, what is a horrible reason

to live on the island suppressing your wish,

what are you waiting from coming season?

- Just carrot, parrot, and flying fish.